Rainbow Industries Manufacturers & Exporters of Home Textiles

Processing Field Cotton to Fabric

RAINBOW Industries is equipped with modern infrastructure that consists of State-of-the-art machinery and skilled manpower. Highly-experienced and charismatic leaders are supported by a dynamic teamwork of people always ready to face any of challenges in the Knits & Woven garments manufacturing and exporting business.

Technical Production Information

Productoin Quantity:
-1x20 Feet Container Every second day. 120,000 PCs. (Kitchen Towels).
-1X20 Ft Every Week (TableCloths Quantity) (6,000-7,000 PCs).
Looms (Owned) 100
Looms (Contract) 400-600
Fitted with Jacquard and Dobby.

TYPES Power Looms Plain, Draw Box Equipped with Dobby, and Jacquard.(Automatic- Semi Automatic)
Width of Fabrics From 48" to 105"


Equipped with complete setup From Yarn Dyeing, Mercerizing to Fabric Dyeing ,Finishing and Calendering under one roof consisting of

1. Jet Dyeing
2. Soft Flow Dyeing
3. Open Width Jigger Dyeing
4. High pressure Jigger Dyeing
5. Pad Batch Dyeing
6. Semi Automatic Hank Yarn Dyeing
7. Calendering
8. Felt Calendering for man made fiber

For Bleaching
1. Kier Bleaching
2. Rope Washer Bleaching
6 TO 8 Tons of Yarn & Fabric Dyeing and Processing per day.
Carousel Type Screen Printing Machine By MHM-AUSTRIA.
Equipped with Automated Carousel printing machine (Screen printing upto 8 colors) with complete inhouse allied process of Designing, Screen developing & ncurring of the product.
10,000 Kitchen towel print per day.
Skilled 500
Non skilled 150
Both regular and daily wages.
1. 140 Single Lock Stich Machines (JUKI+Brother)
2. 25 OverLock Stich Machines
3. 2 Automatic Button Stich Machines
4. Cauge Stich Machine